When is Dog Shedding Too Much and Alarming

dog is shedding too much

Shedding is part of every dog’s life. But there are factors that you must take seriously, especially if your dog is shedding too much.

They usually shed all year long if they are indoors, but once or twice a year, they shed a lot, like A LOT. Then, there this what we call seasonal shedding. There are types of breeds that shed depending on the season—some in spring, some during fall. 

Whether normal or seasonal shedding, it is a cycle. Dogs will shed and lose some hair. That is why managing excess shedding can be a tough job for pet owners. Brushing their hair, bathing, feeding them on a diet, and controlling their pests are a few tips.

If your dog is shedding too much, what do you do? Is it harmful or not? First is you need to identify if it’s the cyclical shedding that happens every year. If it is, then you need to manage it. But if not, then there might be an infection or a disease that must be treated.  

When health issues cause dog shedding, you’ll notice that hair is dry, easily breaks, and sometimes becomes patchy and clumpy. This signals a severe skin problem. 

Some of these skin problems are:

  • Allergies can be caused by their food, medications, soap or shampoo, and pest bites.
  • Hormones involve the over or underproduction of estrogen, testosterone, and progesterone.

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