Ways to Remove Pet Hair from your Car

remove pet hair

Some people bring their pets wherever they go. They are so bonded, and one can’t go without the other. With that, pets can enjoy riding in your car. It’s a great bonding time, but it can be a problem. This means hair all over, and it is challenging to think of ways to remove pet hair from your car. 

Let this blog give you some tips.

  1. Vacuum – this is most often, if not always, the “go-to way,” or the first thing that one does. Apart from cleaning the car off the pet hair, it also helps with other dirt and dust.
  2. Rubber Glove – you can wear it, and pet hair will naturally stick on it. This can be tiring, though, because you are exerting effort from your hands.
  3. Packing Tape – It’s a quick fix. Stick it on the part that has pet hair, lift it, and it’s done!
  4. Dryer Sheets – You can also use clean, unused dryer sheets to take those pet hair off of your car surfaces. Just run it on the surfaces of your car, and like a vacuum, it will suck all those dust and pet hairs.
  5. Balloon – Yes, it can help. It produces static electricity when it’s inflated, and it will attract pet hair.
  6. Velcro Curlers – All you have to do it to run it or roll on the surface area. This is the best to use on car flooring or carpeting.
  7. Pumice Stone – This is best to use fabric softener diluted in water. Just wipe the surface in back and forth motion to loosen the pet hair that’s stuck on the surface.
  8. Surge Roller – In a back and forth motion, use the surge roller with pressure applied, and it will collect not just the pet hairs but also dusts.

There you go! Now you know how to remove pet hair from your car. Nothing can stop you from taking your pets for a long drive and enjoy every minute of it!

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