Surge Roller, Perfect when Cat Losing Hair!

cat losing hair

Some people say that cats require less maintenance than having dogs as pets. This may be true with some aspects, but loose fur is not part of it. Cats may shed as much as dogs do. More commonly, their shedding happens during the spring season as the weather becomes warmer. Aside from the weather, other factors that may influence cat losing hair are stress, poor diet, and infection.

Luckily, the Surge Roller pet hair remover roller is available to save the day. Unlike any other pet hair remover roller, this product does not require maintenance. There’s no need to plug it, change the batteries, and even replace the adhesives. It is a simple tool that efficiently does the job.

After trying the Surge Roller for the first time, some cat owners verbalized their uncontained joy. For them, it is the best pet hair remover roller they have ever tried in their whole lives. They also thought that this is just meant for dogs, but no. The Surge Roller pet hair remover roll is also perfect for cats. And as cat moms, they approve of this product!

When using the Surge Roller, you just have to roll it back and forth. Worry not! You don’t have to do this repetitively because the fur attaches easily to its bristles. It can be used on different fabrics such as carpets, upholsteries, and sofas. Disposal is easy too.

Cat moms highly recommend Surge Roller to all pet owners out there! This product is perfect for you!

The Surge Roller is a one of a kind product which removes unwanted hair from all types of fabric, carpets, furniture bedsheets, car seats and more. It is a necessity for all pet owners with animals which shed hair. By simply applying firm pressure and moving the product back and forth the roller collects hair within the waste compartment for an easy throw away. It’s reusable and doesn’t require batteries or electricity. See more and watch the video here.