Is There Such Thing as Too Much Shedding?

Is There Such Thing as Too Much Shedding?

As pet parents, our fur babies mean the world to us. Because dog years are short-lived, we feel compelled to make sure that they are safe and healthy. Unfortunately, many common occurrences may cause worry to pet owners, for example, dogs that shed excessively.

Typically, dogs do shed except for no shedding dog breeds like American Hairless Terriers. Moreover, dogs are capable of shedding their fur year-round while some shed twice or once a year only. Year-round and seasonal shedding is inevitable, especially for dog breeds like Huskies and Retrievers. Having said that, when you start to notice missing fur patches and isolated hair loss, it is time to visit the vet.

Fur loss is normal for low and high-shedding dogs except for no shedding dog breeds. However, excessive and unusual hair loss is very concerning because it might already indicate symptoms of underlying health conditions.

When spotty hair loss is visible, your dog might have adrenal diseases. Dogs that have symmetrical and isolated hair loss might be suffering from hypothyroidism. Other hair loss-related symptoms that may indicate health issues are:

  1. Dry, brittle, and uneven breakage of fur.
  2. Hair loss is patchy and isolated.
  3. Skin diseases, in addition to hair loss.
  4. Your dog doesn’t want to be touched while shedding.

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