How to Manage Dog Hair Shedding

How to Manage Dog Hair Shedding

Shedding mostly depends on the breed of the dog you have. A dog with low shedding tends to be easier to manage. Example of this are poodles, beagles, and border terriers. On the other hand, Siberian huskies, Pekingese, and Labradors tend to shed a lot. There are also specific seasons wherein breeds shed throughout the year. Pet owners must always know this pattern!

Pet care dog hair shedding may be taxing, but certain ways minimize the losing of hair of your dogs. One of the major considerations is the type of brush being used for your dogs, depending on their coat.

For short-haired dogs, a natural-bristle brush may already be enough in removing their dead hair. It is better to start brushing in the direction opposite of hair growth. This is a technique that helps remove dead hair better. A dog with low shedding may also be brushed using a glove embedded with bristles. Using gloves may also promote better blood circulation among the dogs, and brushing also promotes distribution of natural oils all over the dog’s coat.

As for long-haired dogs, shedding may be a little harder to control but having a tool that reaches down the undercoat is of big help. Use of slicker brushes remove most of the dead hair and leave a shinier outer coat. It is also helpful to brush the coat in both directions to remove hair in all the area. Shedding tools with the blade may also remove dead hair but must be used with caution.

While all of these tools are useful in managing the shedding, having a trusty roller wouldn’t hurt you too. Use of rollers such as Surge Roller notably eliminates the hair that has been already shed.

Follow these tips and let us know the results!

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