Dog Hair Loss 101

dog hair loss

Dog Hair Loss Cycle

Dog hair loss has a cycle with three phases. These are the Anagen phase, the Catagen phase, and the Telogen phase. The cycle starts when hair grows freely and actively. But a time will come when growing will stop. This now signals that after a certain period, dog hair shedding will start. 

Dog Hair Loss Season

Dog hair loss, though, has its season. Outdoor dogs usually shed in spring or fall. Indoor dogs meanwhile shed all year long. While it is normal for dogs to shed, you need to know its cause. Sometimes, it is not because of its usual shedding cyclical pattern. But more emanating from skin disease due to stress or allergies. 

Types of Shedding

The first type is called Low-Shedding. Dogs with more hair than fur are light shedders. They are prone to matting. The second is High-Shedding. Big dogs with long coats and small dogs with the short-coated breed are the usual high shedders.

How to Stop Dog Shedding

You cannot stop your dog from shedding, but there are some ways to reduce the amount of shedding.

  • Brushing them every day for loose hairs
  • Feeding them correctly and on a healthy diet
  • Bathing Frequently
  • Controlling the pests on your pet

But what about the hair all over your furniture? This is another headache pet owners encounter. Good thing, some tools ease the burden of removing that hair all around. One of these tools is the Surge Roller.

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