Dog Hair Care: What, Why, and How

dog hair care

What is dog hair care and why it is needed?

A dog’s fur differs according to its respective breed. Dog coats can be described as smooth, flat, thick, feathery, and curly. Dog hair may be different from one another, but they do have one thing in common; they need regular grooming.

Dog hair problems such as “packed in” coat and matting will eventually emerge when brushing and grooming are done irregularly. A packed in coat usually comes from unshed dog hair while matting occurs when a mass of hair entangles.

Regular grooming and hair brushing are practical solutions and preventive measures for dog hair problems. The hair of your furry friend, when frequently brushed, will shed loose hair. Finally, a good warm bath can wash away dirt and mud that cause knots on your pet’s fur.

How to Correctly Perform Dog Hair Care

Brushing your pet’s hair is ideally done every day. The usual top-coat brushing is not enough to completely manage and prevent hair problems because it doesn’t get to the undercoat. When brushing, do not skip areas like the ears, armpits, buttocks, and tail.

The type of brush that is used to comb your pet’s hair needs to be taken into consideration as well. Slick combs and brushes are usually recommended for your dog’s daily combing session. Rake brushes are for dog breeds that have thick undercoats, and the rubber ones are for the pets with smooth hair.

Pet parents are hesitant when it comes to brushing their fur babies, mainly because dog hair gets on to their clothes and even on their couches. Let’s face it; collecting dog hair is time-consuming. Well, worry no more because the Surge Roller can help you tidy up quick and easy.

The Surge Roller is a handy tool used to remove dog hair from your furniture; it is reusable and requires no batteries and electricity.

Finally, a trip to the local pet grooming salon at least once a month will make your dog hair care complete.

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