Bathing Can Help Lessen Dog Shedding

dog shedding

We all know that dogs can become filthy and smelly. They roll on surfaces whenever they want to, and that is frustrating for the owners. Sad to say, doing this can lead to dog shedding.

If the owners saw that their dog is shedding, bathing is one of the ways. Even if bathing is done, dog will shed more. Worry not, shedding is normal because dogs lose old hair. Bathing just accelerated the process.

Note that there’s no need to bathe them frequently. Bathing dogs frequently can make skin sensitive and can increase hair loss. It can take away natural oils that can lead to dryness.

  • Bathe them once a month or only bathe them when needed.
  • Bath your dogs with oily coats once a week.
  • Short-haired dogs will be good with less frequent baths.
  • Dogs with water-repellent coats need to preserve natural oils, so they need fewer baths.
  • Thick haired, double-coated dogs need less bath and a lot of brushing. It can help get rid of loose hair.

When it comes to bathing, do take note of the following:

  • Brush after a bath.
  • Use warm water when bathing.
  • Keep your dog calm during bath and play with them if needed. Stress can contribute to shedding.
  • Use a dog shampoo and not just any soap.
  • Rinse very well.
  • Air-dry, but don’t use a super hot dryer.
  • Reward your dog after.

After bathing, you’ll definitely see lots of hair all over. Dog shedding may have been resolved, but here’s another serious headache to bear. Especially when the hair is all over your furniture. Good thing there is Surge Roller. This tool will save the day.

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