6 Dog Hair Shedding Techniques that Saves the Day

6 Ways to Manage Dog Shedding

Shedding is a completely natural process of losing your dog’s damaged hair. Even though this is normal, the cleaning up part will always be a hassle for the owners. Several factors are known to affect shedding. However, in pet care dog hair shedding, owners who prefer to groom their pets at home tend to handle this situation better.

Healthy Diet for the Dogs

Providing a well-balanced and complete diet to your dogs will lead to the strengthening of the hair follicles. Breakage and damage are more unlikely to happen. Providing omega-3 fatty acids supplements are also known to enhance the growth of healthier fur.

Additional Water Intake

Dehydration is greatly attributed to the shedding of your dog’s fur. Dogs need to take one ounce of water per pound of their weight every day. If you notice increased fur lying around your home, perhaps it’s time to check your dog’s water intake.

Use of Deshedding and Bath Treatments

Regular baths help remove damaged and dead hair and it will keep your dog’s coat clean. This will greatly help with the amount of loose fur you have to clean. Certain shampoos and soaps specialize in shedding, de-shedding tools or brushes may also be used.

Regular Vet Visits

Have your dog get checked at the vet! Some underlying diseases such as parasitic and fungal infections may be the cause of the uncontrolled shedding. A general check-up would be helpful to solve this condition.

Correct Choice of Brush

The correct brush type greatly depends on your dog’s coat type. Some types include bristle brush which may be used for all types of coat, a slicker brush which helps remove tangles, wire-pin brush which is good for curly coats and combs that remove dead hair.

Correct Choice of Shedding Tools

In pet care dog hair shedding, loose fur lying around the home will significantly be reduced when you use an appropriate shedding tool to remove your dog’s dead hair. This may in the form of a brush or a shedding blade.

In this case, use of Surge Roller is suggested. This innovative product helps us, dog owners, remove the fur from the shedding. When compared to lint rollers, the Surge Roller works more efficiently and it is even easier to clean up. So, what are you waiting for? Grab your Surge Rollers now!

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