5 Sure Thing Ways to Lessen Dog Hair Shedding

lessen dog hair shedding

Tired of sweeping and vacuuming for the millionth time today? Tired of buying rollers and brushes only to keep fur out of your clothes? I feel you! The struggle is real when it comes to cleaning up your dog’s fur placed all over your home. And you want nothing but to lessen dog hair shedding.

Even though shedding is a completely natural phenomenon, it is still hard to always clean up after it. Here are some tips that may help us, dog owners, lessen our fur babies’ shedding:

  1. Professional Grooming – Professional groomers always know how to manage the tangles of the coat of dogs. Having your dogs groomed can improve the overall health of their skin and coat.
  2. Bathing and Brushing – Good hygiene for the dogs helps minimize the shedding especially during the summer season. Dogs tend to shed a lot during summer, but bathing and brushing help lessen it.
  3. Well-balanced diet – Having a healthy diet can strengthen not only your dog’s fur coat but as well as their immune systems. This helps them combat illnesses or infections that lead to shedding. Keep your pets healthy! 
  4. Furniture covers – One of the best ways to keep fur out of the furniture is to keep them covered. Furry pets run around the house and may leave traces of their fur when furniture is not properly covered.
  5. Invest in good tools – A high-quality vacuum does the job of cleaning up your dog’s fur. The newest and most efficient tool to be used is the Surge Roller. It does a better job than lint rollers in cleaning up fur. Picking up the fur on clothes, fabrics, and upholstery may be taxing, but this equipment solves the problem.

Following these tips about pet care dog hair shedding may not totally eradicate the problem but it significantly lessen dog hair shedding.

Do you have any other tips and tricks? We’d love to hear it!

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